Champions Online

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  • Licencia: Freeware
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Play the part of a superhero and defend the planet Earth.

Are you ready to play the part of a superhero? Champions Online is an impressive game which puts you on the front line of defence of the Earth: in the role of a superhero responding to the call to protect the world against villainous threats.

Champions Online is an on-line RPG where right from the start you have to choose the look of your superhero, as happens in other popular and similar games, like City of Heroes. Once done, you can choose the distinct skills and powers you want, and start in the game.

In Champions Online you can decide what you want to do, if you should do missions all over the place, get experience points and increase the skills you have, go through dungeons, or battle other players in PvP mode. In any mode you will enjoy a sensational game that lets you live like a real superhero. Are you going to miss out?

NOTE: To play Champions Online first you have to create a free user account on the author's website.


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